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Big & Fluffy


I wanted to make a lock screen for my little brother


I wanted to make a lock screen for my little brother

today I had possibly the most embarrassing moment of my life and I’ll never be able to tell anyone about it (I’m not all that embarrassed actually, it’s just hilarious to me)


My Cats
by La—Fee



fuck most things

please do not fuck ants

why must you question our insecto-mammalian love?

Professional Athletes

I’m still reeling over a picture I saw on a conservative blog earlier today

it was a the #Nazi eagle and swastika overlaid an LGBT rainbow flag saying that same-sex marriage advocates are fascists, based on a single wedding chapel claiming to have been threatened with fines/jail time if they didn’t perform same-sex marriages, which is more related to anti-discrimination laws than the recent court rulings or anything to do with the first amendment, from all that I can tell

they’re a for-profit wedding chapel discriminating against homosexual clients and were responded against like any other company would I’m pretty sure? of course the conservative talking point of this mess is “muh religious right to discriminate”

like if this were a non-profit church or whatever it would be a completely different story, but this is a business that must adhere to anti-discrimination laws like every other one even if its business is marriages and weddings

the giant hole undre the kitchen sink that he landlord hasn’t fixed despite us living her for almost three years is now an entryway into our house for mice, awesome

interesting search of the day: “deadly premonition nightcore remix” (it has yet to be done btw)

I took a shower and painted my nails and it went pretty fast and wasn’t as frustrating and looks nice so I’d call today a win

countchubula replied to your post:I love nightcore

i have to say, getting you into nightcore is the best possible outcome of me showing you the nightcore station and making fun of it. like i’m simultaneously enriching your life and owning you, as a good friend should

Terence owns those who own themselves

I love nightcore

our kobold cleric met her death at the hands of three orc barbarians, who we subsequently murdered to death

also we kept stunning the big bad enemies of the session and then picking up their items and chucking them in our bags of holding

Today’s D&D game was fun but wow having people assume you’re straight and having them tell homophobic “jokes” is really :/

I wish I had said something today but if it gets bad next week then for sur

luv chooper <3


Socker is my favorite avatar character :)